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He is a firm believer in practicing what he preaches and loves passing his passion and knowledge of fitness onto all members at Micky’s Fitness. Challenging clients and helping them reach their goals is what Timmy does best. Tim eats, breathes and sleeps basketball.

Qualifications: Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness, Kettlebells Master Trainer, Bootcamp instructor.

Specialty: Functional training, strength training, basketball specific training, marathon preparation training.


Availability: Mon - Fri; 30/45/60 min sessions & buddy PTs




As co-owner and founder of Micky's Fitness, a focused and motivated mind and lifestyle is extremely important to him. Setting goals and achieving them is what Micky does best. Not only can he change your fitness levels, but he can help you train your mind and change your outlook and your life. 



Personal Trainer

Molly is passionate about functional movement, feeling healthy with body, mind & soul and having lots of fun! She would love to train with you if you wish to improve posture, strength, mobility, nutrition and all round well-being, to live a purposeful and energetic life.


Cert 3 & 4, level 1 precision nutrition coach, level 1 mat Pilates, yoga teacher, TRX suspension level 1, kettlebell level 1.

Specialty: breath work, stretching/mobility, strength training, nutrition coaching and holistic health.

Available for PT sessions: 45 & 60 minute, private or group training


Personal Trainer


Brad is passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals by using a balanced holistic approach. Along with extensive knowledge of strength and functional training principles, he is also well versed in nutritional and life-style ‘good practice’. Being an avid researcher of all things ‘fitness’, he enjoys empowering clients through knowledge, to enable life-long well-being. He can help you find your best you and enjoy a laugh along the way!

Qualifications: Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness
Specialty: Strength training, muscle gain, weight loss, prehab and rehabilitation.

Monday to Friday: 6am-11am Monday to Thursday: 4pm-7pm Semi private personal training:
1-3 people per session



Personal Trainer


Gayle has been working in the fitness industry for many years. Most days you will find
her instructing various classes at our Group Fitness Centre, in particular “Forever Young”, which is aimed at 50+. Having seen a need for training the more “mature member” Gayle has designed many programs to suit her clients needs and goals. Gayle is a very passionate trainer and believes everybody can exercise no matter what their age, fitness level, or ability.

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